Projects - Park Creek – PTH #9

Park Creek – PTH #9

The Park Creek project proved to be a difficult task for all involved.  The weather did not want to cooperate with us at all.  With large amounts of rain, which seemed to be a daily occurrence, the project took longer than expected.  Thanks to the hard work from our crew, everything was finished up and looked great! The original box culvert on PTH #9 was sinking into the ground and rotting away, so it needed to be replaced.  The first step was the excavation and construction of the concrete box culvert, then on to the rebuild of the new portion of the highway.  Granular fill and packing was needed to bring the sub-grade up to compaction for the new stretch of road.  The environmental aspects of this project were very important and needed much attention as the work was being done in and around in a natural waterway populated with fish that led from the Oak Hammock Marsh to the Red River.  The final phase of our work was the revitalization of the waterway as well as the stabilization and erosion of the banks.