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Gillespie Drain, Reinforced Box Culvert

Spring flooding has always been a concern in southern Manitoba, especially during the spring thaw. According to the locals in the area, the Gillespie drain's water level has been a concern for a number of years. There were times when the water would be inches away from covering the small wooden bridge that crosses the drain and Highway 34. MIT's Gillespie Drain Project was divided into 2 parts. The first was a Tender for developing a traffic diversion or a shoo-fly on PTH 34, while the second was a Tender for the construction of the reinforced box culvert and the decommissioning of part of the shoo-fly. E.F Moon was awarded the first Tender on October 2012 and construction started a few weeks later. After 5-6 weeks on site, the shoo-fly was completed and the Tender for the culvert came out a few weeks after. E.F Moon was awarded the second part of the project in December 2012 with the construction starting in January 2013. The first month was used for the deconstruction of the old timber bridge and the structural excavation for the reinforced box culvert. Once the site has been prepped, our sub-contractor mobilized to site to start work for the concrete aspect of the project. After a long battle to keep the water out off the site, the first pour, working slab, was completed on February 08, 2013. Shortly after, the Concrete slab was done on February 21 and the rest of the structure followed. Project Completed: March 2013