Projects - Riding Mountain, Road Works

Riding Mountain, Road Works

Our Riding Mountain National Park project was a very significant one. We worked jointly with Engineers, Archeologists, Canada Parks Dept. and Environmental groups. The project was to straighten out a one kilometer section of PTH #10 that leads through the park to Dauphin. The work involved for the project consisted of removal of trees and topsoil, excavation of 40,000 m3 of material, build up base for the new stretch of road, pavement, ditching and erosion control. All this work had to be completed with as little environmental impact to the park as possible. Time was critical throughout the duration of the project, everything had to go well in order to be ready to lay pavement before the snow came. The project came to together very well and we opened up the new section of road to the public right on time. Another great job by our hard working team of professionals.  

Project Completed: October 2013