Projects - Whiteshell Laboratories – (AECL) Pinawa

Whiteshell Laboratories – (AECL) Pinawa

One of our most challenging projects to date has been the construction of a contaminated waste storage area at the AECL Whiteshell Laboratories in Pinawa, Manitoba.  This job proved to be very tedious and required absolute perfection to complete.  Our crew worked effectively to a team of engineer and staff from Whiteshell Laboratories to make this project happen.  The containment area was designed to stop contaminated material from entering into the environment in the unlikely event of a spill.  The area consisted of 11 layers of different containment and filtering liners and multiple layers of aggregate, soils, sands and granular fill.  There was also a perforated pipe embedded all throughout the entire perimeter berm of the containment as well.  Safety was a major factor in the project for everyone involved.  All materials, equipment and personnel had to be scanned for radiation contamination after leaving the site.  Our customers at AECL were very pleased with the outcome of the project, as well as everyone here at E.F. Moon.